There will be no sip of 'tea' in Pakistan, which is facing an economic crisis! Know what was the option

There will be no sip of 'tea' in Pakistan, which is facing an economic crisis! Know what was the option

After Sri Lanka, now Pakistan is also facing a serious economic crisis. The economy of the country is continuously falling down. On the last day i.e. on Friday, the stock market here crashed after a fall of two thousand points. After this, the market had to stop its business. It is believed that due to this the investors have suffered a lot. Not only this but continuous efforts are also being made by the government to get the country out of the economic crisis. At the same time, help is also being sought from other countries. On the other hand, to overcome the economic crisis, the Pakistan government has announced a super-tax of 10 percent for the rich. Meanwhile, another big news has come out. Now even sipping tea will become difficult in Pakistan, because now there is talk of adopting alternatives to tea.

Every effort is being made to save money in Pakistan which is facing an economic crisis. Meanwhile, the Government of Pakistan has come up with a new and unique method.

work on tea options
The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has issued instructions to all universities to promote the local beverage 'lassi' or 'sattu' instead of 'chai'.

Reasons to explore this tea alternative
There are many reasons behind looking for an alternative to tea, but the most important reason is that tea is imported on a large scale in Pakistan. In such a situation, the consumption of tea will be reduced by adopting the alternative of tea and it will also provide relief in a crisis.

This is also a big reason
The rationale behind this decision has been that this will not only increase employment but will also increase employment in the country and generate income for the public.
Promotion of local tea gardens
It is not that there are no tea gardens in Pakistan, but tea gardens are not promoted much here. Most of the tea in the country is imported from outside.

This is the reason that now in times of economic crisis, the Government of Pakistan has emphasized promoting local tea gardens.

Pakistan also drinks tea on credit
Such an advisory has been issued by the Pakistan Higher Education Commission when a video of the Planning Minister of Pakistan surfaced.

In this video, he is seen appealing to the people of the country to reduce the consumption of tea. He says that 'I appeal to the country to cut the consumption of tea by 1-2 cups because we import tea on debt'.

That is, in Pakistan, tea is also drunk on credit. He requested the people of the country that Pakistan has to buy tea on loan, so its consumption should be reduced.
Now appeal for less use of sugar
After tea, now the ministers of the Government of Pakistan are appealing for less use of sugar i.e. sugar in the country. For this, even though the government is citing health, in the midst of an economic crisis, this is also an exercise to save money.

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