Trump refuses to take responsibility for parliament violence, says "freedom of expression in the country is in great danger"

Trump refuses to take responsibility for parliament violence, says "freedom of expression in the country is in great danger"

LOS ANGELES: US President Donald Trump has denied responsibility for a violent mob intrusion into the Capitol Building (US Parliament House) last week. Trump said, "People think whatever I said was completely right." Trump made this remark for the first time in public after the violence in the Capitol. Lei was scheduled to leave for Texas on Tuesday. However, only eight days are left of his tenure and on the other hand the exercise of bringing impeachment motion against him in the Parliament for the second time continues.

After being banned by various social media forums after the attack on Capitol Hill, outgoing US President Donald Trump said that freedom of expression in the country had never been in such danger before. In his first speech following the January 6 attack on US Parliament House by Trump supporters, the outgoing president called for impeachment proceedings, attacks last week and the use of the 25th Amendment of the US Constitution (by which members of his cabinet gave him Can be removed).

"Freedom of expression was never in such danger before," said Trump. I am not at all threatened by the 25th Amendment, but it could pose a further threat to newly elected President Joe Biden and his administration. " Impeachment is being used and this is causing a lot of anger and division. The pain is so much that some people cannot even understand it, which is very dangerous for America, especially in this critical time. "Trump said on the incident in the US Capitol last week," I always said in my tenure It is that we believe in respecting the history and traditions of America, not in breaking them. We believe in the rule of law, not violence or riots. ''

Significantly, President Trump has not accepted defeat and he has been making uncontested claims of fraud in the election held on November 3. Amidst his claims, Trump's supporters stormed into the Capitol Building (US Parliament House) and carried out violence, killing one Capitol Police officer and four others. Only after this, there was a demand for a grand campaign against him. Trump said the Kovid-19 global pandemic made the election more difficult this year. The President said, "It is time for our country to get into better shape ... Have faith in law enforcement and the people associated with it."  

Unemployment, violence and epidemics, what are Trump leaving for America in the four-year term?

Unemployment, violence and epidemics, what are Trump leaving for America in the four-year term?

Donald Trump will leave from Washington on Wednesday. In his four years, what is he leaving behind for America? Compared to 2016, people of America today are more divided in political ideologies, financially weak and struggling with unemployment. Trump himself is facing impeachment.

Trump intends to leave for Florida before Joe Biden is sworn in. Here, the former US President will start a new life, in which some former White House staffers will take part temporarily. Before Trump was President Andrew Johnson, who did not attend his next presidential swearing-in ceremony, he also faced impeachment like Trump. Biden described Trump's failure to attend the oath as 'good'.

All will meet former President Biden

Biden will arrive in Washington on Tuesday, where he and Trump are not expected to meet. According to people familiar with the matter, Biden will stay at Blair House. All of the surviving former presidents of America, except 94-year-old Jimmy Carter, will meet Biden at the Arlington National Cemetery after his swearing-in.

Today unemployment in the US is more than a third compared to joining the Trump office. By the time Trump leaves office on Wednesday, some 400,000 people from Corona in the US will have lost their lives. Despite all the failures, including the prevention of corona, 74 million people voted in this election for Trump.

Trump's farewell and riots have fallen in popularity

However, after the election and the riots in Capitol Hill, his popularity declined significantly. According to RealClearPolitics, his performance as President has got less than 40 percent on average. The last Gallup poll of Trump's presidential race was released on Monday, with 34 percent support.

Achievements such as Trump's border wall and the withdrawal of troops from the Middle East also sank in the capital riots. On January 6, five people lost their lives in this violent demonstration by Trump supporters. According to a survey by the Pew Research Center, more than half of Republicans, including three-quarters of Americans, said that a handful of trumps were also responsible for the attack.

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