Indian Navy is conducting a large-scale drill in the Indian Ocean region

Indian Navy is conducting a large-scale drill in the Indian Ocean region

In the Indian Ocean region, the Indian Navy is conducting a massive war scenario involving almost all of its operational assets, including warships, submarines, and planes, to assess the force's combat preparedness in light of China's expanding military presence in the area.

Officials said on Tuesday that the purpose of the biannual Theatre Level Operational Readiness Exercise (TROPEX) is to evaluate overall combat capabilities while also "validating and improving" the Navy's notion of "operations."

The Indian Army, Indian Air Force, and Coast Guard are deploying resources for the massive exercises during the three-month-long TROPEX, which runs from January to March.

In order to validate and improve the Navy's concept of operations, including operational logistics and interoperability with other services, all surface combatants of the Indian Navy, including destroyers, frigates, corvettes, as well as submarines and aircraft, are put through complex maritime operational deployments as part of the exercise, according to Navy spokesperson Commander Vivek Madhwal.

He said that the exercise, which includes live weapon firings and is being done in several stages both on land and at water, covers many different aspects of military operations.

The Indian Navy's combined fleets' combat preparedness to operate in a multi-threat environment is being tested during this exercise, which has increased in breadth and complexity over the years, the official added.

This would further increase interoperability and joint operations in a complicated environment, he added. "The marine exercise also permits operational level engagement with the Indian Army, Indian Air Force, and the Coast Guard."

Separately, from January 17 to 22, the Navy also took part in the annual tri-services amphibious exercise (AMPHEX) 2023 at Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh.

The goal of the exercise was to improve interoperability and synergy by jointly training components of the three services in different aspects of amphibious operations.

The AMPHEX, which was performed for the first time in Kakinada, was the biggest exercise of its kind to date, according to Commander Madhwal.

Over the course of five days, the participating troops conducted challenging drills in all areas of amphibious operations.

Several amphibious ships from the Indian Navy, including huge platform docks, landing ships, and landing boats, as well as marine commandos (MARCOS), helicopters, and planes, took part in the drill.

Over 900 soldiers from the Indian Army, including special forces, artillery, and armored vehicles, took part in the drill.

In addition, IAF C 130 and Jaguar fighter planes took part in the drill.

According to Commander Madhwal, "AMPHEX 2023 verified the strong cooperation that exists between the three services to perform the complete spectrum of amphibious operations" and effectively proved the amphibious capabilities.