Follow these tips for skin care in changing season

Follow these tips for skin care in changing season

 Keeping the skin glowing and healthy in the changing season is not an easy task. To take care of the skin, lotions, creams and many other types of measures have to be taken. But if you want, you can make the skin beautiful by taking care of some special things. Let's know how:-

Drink plenty of water
To keep the skin glowing, it is very important to keep it hydrated. So drink enough water. Herbal or green tea can also be a good option. If you want to drink lukewarm water, then first boil it well and then drink it only when it cools down because the bacteria present in the water are not completely destroyed by heating it lightly.

Maintain skin moisture, choose a moisturizer that moisturizes your skin well. Carry a good lip balm as well. Also apply sunscreen lotion. Do exercise daily too.

Change your skin care products like your wardrobe. Keeping in mind the changing seasons, use only mild and fruit properties or natural products for your face. Wash the face with cold water 3-4 times a day. This increases the glow of the face.

With the coming of summer, due to the increasing sun and temperature, there is a shortage of water in the body, due to which the glow of the skin ends. To avoid this, drink plenty of water and consume juicy fruits. Include anti-oxidant-rich foods in your diet. Apart from this, take at least six hours of sleep to keep the skin glowing. This keeps your skin healthy.

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Never put money plant in this direction at home

Never put money plant in this direction at home

 Who does not like to plant plants at home? The freshness of the freshness remains and the decoration is different. Many people use money plants as a decoration in their homes. It is believed that money plant brings happiness and prosperity in the house. But you can get amazing benefits by using it in the ways of Vastu. According to Vastu Shastri and astrologer Sakshi Sharma , as the vine of money plant grows, it also increases our economic progress and development. But if it is applied in the wrong direction then it can make you pauper.

In which direction should the money plant be?

By the way, the south direction is suitable for planting it. But money plant placed in the south-east direction can benefit you. Therefore, once you check in the house, where the money plant has been installed.

Where to put money plant in the house:

Money plant should be planted indoors. For good luck, keep it indoors in a green bottle and fill it with water. Do not forget to change its water every week. It is also necessary according to Vastu and also to keep the plant healthy.

Reduce Radiation:

Money plant not only increases prosperity but is also considered very good in terms of health. You can also put it near the Wi-Fi router. With this, along with protection from radiation, its positivity can spread all around.

Things to keep in mind:

Don't forget to plant money plant in North East. Applying it on the north and east walls also causes damage. Do not let its vine fall on the ground. It will give you financial troubles. It is best to grow it in water. Make sure you keep changing the water regularly. Keep removing rotten leaves. Khila Khila money plant is an indicator of good finance.

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