Health Tips: If you are troubled by the problem of flatulence, then avoid eating these things

Health Tips: If you are troubled by the problem of flatulence, then avoid eating these things

Flatulence or gas is common. But some people always have this problem. These people have problems of flatulence or gas after having breakfast, after eating food. Because of this, the stomach hurts. Your diet and lifestyle are the main reasons behind this. It can also happen due to not drinking enough water. In such a situation, you need to refrain from eating some things. Let us know about these things without delay.

fatty food

Eating fried and high-fat things puts extra pressure on the stomach. Not only this, the problems of stomach pain, gas, indigestion increase by eating these things. If you have the problem of bloating, then you should avoid eating things that are high in fat. Eating these things can also cause heartburn problems.


There is no doubt that beans are super healthy, but they can be the cause of flatulence. Beans are high in sugar and oligosaccharides which the body cannot digest. When our stomach is trying to digest it, the problem of gas increases. If you are suffering from flatulence, then you should avoid consuming beans.

Avoid salty things

By eating more salty things, the fluid does not come out from the body, due to which there may be a problem of flatulence. Eat healthy things instead of chips in breakfast. It helps in keeping your stomach full for a long time.

wheat products

Many people find it difficult to eat things made from wheat. Often you feel bloated after eating things made from wheat, then these symptoms can be of a disease called celiac. If you have stomach problems after eating things like bread, cereals, biscuits, pasta, then you need to eat gluten free diet. Eating a gluten free diet is not a difficult thing. Now many types of gluten free things are available in the market.

carbonated drink

Many people feel that drinking carbonated drinks will get rid of the problem of flatulence. But it is not because in reality the opposite happens. Carbonated drinks contain a high amount of carbon dioxide gas. When you drink these drinks, you consume excessive amount of gas which is harmful for your digestive system. Drinking it increases the problem of cramps and flatulence.

Follow these tips

1. If you are troubled by the problem of flatulence even after leaving these things, then increase the amount of water in the diet. If you are not drinking enough water, the kidneys will help retain water, but this can also lead to bloating.

2. Apart from this, pay attention to what you had before eating, due to which the problem of gas is happening.

3. Eat the food by chewing it comfortably.

After all, why is your baby crying, parents of a new born baby should know the reason

After all, why is your baby crying, parents of a new born baby should know the reason

Well a crying baby is a sign of a healthy baby because they are trying to communicate and they are aware of their surroundings. It also creates a special bond between mother and baby as we all know that a crying baby needs soothing and love and a mother gives endless joy to both.

Why is your baby crying?

# Use your baby's belly to check the temperature. If it's hot, take out a blanket and if it's cold put them on a blanket to keep them warm.

# Hunger Grief: It's just because they are hungry and want food. The baby will calm down immediately once you give them milk.

#Battered: If they get tired or sleepy, they start crying and this is a sign for them to tell you it is before they go to sleep.

# If a baby is put in an uncomfortable position they will start crying and try to tell you to get them out of there.