In Delhi's Biggest Austrian Microbrewery, quench your thirst

In Delhi's Biggest Austrian Microbrewery, quench your thirst

The Royal Brewery Cafe, the hotel's biggest microbrewery, has opened in Delhi. It serves craft beer produced from the best German malts and is available in a variety of flavors, including lager, stout, Belgian wit, and German wit. beer produced with hops from Germany and Austria.

The "Royal Brewery Cafe with a poolside, German fountain, and Roman garden" has opened in India's capital city as a new venue to socialize. We set out to create the ideal brew because we are passionate and in love with beer. We wanted to create a beer that would go well with people and bring like-minded individuals together for deeper talks. Foot-tapping music, savory cuisine, and cool drinks transport you to settings outside the confines of your home "Director of PR & Guest Relations Ashwinder Kaur adds.

We think that people are searching for place since there isn't one where they can gather, unwind, have a beer, and hang out with their pals all year round. In this city, beer is highly loved. Chetan Kapoor, the deputy general manager, predicts that monthly beer consumption from microbreweries would increase to 175-200 liters.

"Craft beer is a revolution in India and we want everyone to be a part of it. We like experimenting with our cuisine and drink, not only because we can, but because it's enjoyable "explains Kapoor.

The Royal Brewery Cafe offers beers produced by skilled Indian and foreign brew masters using the finest local ingredients and influenced by the region's most distinctive flavors.