Skin Care Tips: Garlic makes your skin better, not just health…

Skin Care Tips: Garlic makes your skin better, not just health…

Garlic has many benefits in terms of health. Along with repairing the immune system, it gives relief in all the troubles like cold, mild cough, gas, acidity, joint pain. If added to the vegetable, it increases the taste manifold. But do you know that garlic can relieve many problems of your skin. Let us tell you about which skin problems garlic is beneficial for.

Removes wrinkles

Around 40, the process of beautifying the face begins. The skin of many people starts getting loose. No matter how much you try to hide these wrinkles, but no benefit. Garlic is very useful for such people. For this, prepare a paste by mixing honey and lemon in garlic juice. Apply it on your face for 10 minutes. Then wash face with water. Doing this twice a week, you will see a difference in a few days.

Helpful in removing stretch marks

The problem of stretch mark on the skin is mostly seen in women. Garlic is also very helpful in removing this problem. To remove the problem of stretch mark, heat olive oil and fry till it becomes light brown by adding about 3 garlic buds. When the oil cools, apply it on the stretch marks and massage it. Doing this continuously for a few days will start to bring relief.

Relieve acne

Acne completely ruins the beauty of our face. You can also use garlic to get rid of them.
For this, finely grind 4 to 5 garlic buds, mix one teaspoon of curd and one tablespoon of honey in it and make a paste and apply on pimples. After about half an hour wash your mouth with water. Try this method for a few days, as well as swallow a garlic bud with water on an empty stomach. This will work as a blood purifier for you and you will get relief soon.

Relieves blackheads

Every day coming out of the house, there is a problem of blackheads on the face. To remove it, make a paste by grinding a garlic clove and half a tomato and then apply it on the face for 10 minutes and then wash the mouth. Will be relieved

Think about it

Many times, when using garlic on the skin one feels burning or itching. So before applying it on the face, try it on your hand. If something like this happens to you too, do not use it on face without the advice of any expert.

Prepare these fun dishes like this, impress the guests who came home…

Prepare these fun dishes like this, impress the guests who came home…

Since Kovid, most people refrain from eating outside. Homemade dishes are also made in a clean manner, as well as they are quite economical. Here we are going to tell you about some such dishes that you can easily make at home and feed and impress the guests.

1- Bread Rasgulla

Ingredients: a packet of bread, 150 grams of sugar, 500 milliliters of water, a bowl of milk and two spoons of ground sugar.

Here's how to prepare: First, remove the edges of the bread. Then add some milk in the remaining middle part and mash it and prepare it like soft dough. Add ground sugar to it. Now keep it covered for 15 minutes. During this, keep the pan on the gas to make syrup. Add sugar and water to it and boil till the whole sugar melts. After this, grind small cardamom and add it and reduce the flame. Now make small balls of dough very smooth. Pour all the tablets in the sugar syrup. Cook for about five minutes. Serve after this.

2- Crispy biscuits of coconut and semolina

Ingredients:  Grinded half cup semolina in mixi, half cup wheat flour, quarter cup coconut fine powder, half cup sugar, two spoons chironji seeds, two spoons cashew nuts, half teaspoon small cardamom, one teaspoon desi ghee

How to prepare: Mix semolina, wheat flour, sugar powder, chironji seeds, cashews, small cardamom powder, coconut and ghee i.e. all the ingredients in a large pot and mix it well. After mixing, close the ingredients in the fist and see that if the material gets shattered, then add some more ghee and if the fist remains, then the meaning is that the ghee is absolutely right. After this, knead a stiff dough with the help of some water. Now take a small portion of it and give it a round shape and press it slightly. As a design, make four cuts with a knife. Prepare all the biscuits in this way. Now keep oil in a pan for heating. When the oil is hot, add the biscuits and fry till it becomes golden. After this, take it out in a tissue paper. Crunchy biscuits are ready. After cooling, close it in air tight compartment. Whenever guests come, feed them and eat them yourself.

3- Potato-poha cutlet

Ingredients:  Five boiled potatoes, five teaspoons finely grinded poha, one teaspoon pepper powder, two green chillies, one fourth teaspoon of amaranth powder, green coriander, chaat masala and salt as per taste.

How to prepare:  Peel and mash all five potatoes well. Add poha, black pepper, finely chopped green chilli, finely chopped coriander, ammonia powder and salt and mix well. Put all the mixture in a big pot and give it in a square shape and with the help of a knife cut a size two inches long and half inch wide. Now heat oil in a pan. When the oil is well heated, fry them on medium flame until they become golden. Now sprinkle chaat masala over it. Serve hot with green coriander chutney and tea.

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