This pain in women will go away just make these changes in lifestyle

This pain in women will go away just make these changes in lifestyle

Having periods is a natural process, but during this time many women suffer from pain in the lower abdomen and back. It is also called pre-menstrual syndrome, that is, during this time there is a pain in many parts of the body, restlessness, headache, body ache, and mood swings. Most women have pain, cramping, and restlessness in the lower abdomen at some time or the other during periods. These pains and cramps are due to the contraction of the uterus, which occurs during the period. Some women have less pain and cramps and some women feel it more.

If there is more pain and cramps in the lower part of the abdomen i.e. pelvic region during the days of the period, then by making some changes in the lifestyle, relief can be found in this pain. However, many people resort to medicines to get rid of this pain but going forward, these medicines cause side effects in the body, so relief from this pain and cramps can also be found by making changes in natural methods and routines. Let us know in what ways you can get relief from period pain.

hot fomentation
The uterus present in the lower part of the abdomen contracts during this time and pain relief can be felt by compressing it. For this, keep a heating pad or hot water heat pad on your stomach and foment it and you will get relief from it.

light hand massage
Massaging the abdomen and lower back with light hands also provides relief from abdominal pain.

During this, heavy work should not be done, because it puts pressure on the shrinking uterus. Therefore, if there is pain or cramps in the stomach, then try to rest.

Diet rich in fiber and protein
Take a diet rich in fiber and protein in food. Include green leafy vegetables, fruits, and salads in the diet. Staying away from caffeine and smoking will also reduce the pain.

take less salt
Salt should be taken at least during periods. Actually, intake of more salt can lead to water retention in the body and this can cause PMS problems.

eat calcium-rich food
During this, calcium-rich foods like milk, curd, and cheese should be included in your diet because calcium reduces period cramps and also reduces the symptoms of PMS.

drink tea
Drink tea, yes, the easy way to reduce period cramps is to drink tea. Along with removing period cramps, it will also help with mood swings.