In Bengal's Durgapur, four family members were discovered dead

In Bengal's Durgapur, four family members were discovered dead

Four family members' bodies were found at their home in the industrial township of Durgapur in West Burdwan district of West Bengal on Sunday under strange circumstances.

Amit Mondal (37), his wife Rupa Mondal (33), their son Nimit Mondal (7), and their daughter have all been named as the victims (1.5 yr). The corpses of the other three were discovered on the bedroom floor, but Amit Mondal's body was discovered hanging from the ceiling fan.

According to local police sources, it is very likely that Amit Mondal poisoned his wife and children before hanging himself. Amit Mondal accused his maternal family members of being at fault in a WhatsApp message that was found on the scene.

The police have initiated an inquiry based on the WhatsApp message while the corpses have been submitted for a post-mortem.

Amit Mondal's mother and several other members of Amit Mondal's maternal family were allegedly involved in a planned murder, according to Rupa Mondal's cousin Sudipta Ghosh, who reported the incident to the police.

"My sister's husband Mother of Amit Mondal consistently gave her brothers the upper hand over her son, daughter-in-law, and grandkids. Her brother intended to take advantage of this and seize my brother-in-property. law's It is obvious that this was a premeditated murder. A polythene sheet was used to cover the inside CCTV camera. The house's outside camera wasn't working "Ghosh informed journalists.

She said that Naresh Kumar Mondal, the father of Amit Mondal, died away a few years ago, leaving behind a sizable estate that his son and wife shared equally.

"Amit Mondal's mother and her brother had often argued in the family over this matter since they both desired a piece of that land. I want the authorities to look into it and punish those responsible severely "She said.