Abusive Shrikant Tyagi will remain in jail, for now, HC rejects bail plea

Abusive Shrikant Tyagi will remain in jail, for now, HC rejects bail plea

The troubles of the abuser Shrikant Tyagi, who molested a woman in Noida, are still intact. Allahabad High Court rejects Shrikant Tyagi's bail plea. After this, Tyagi will now have to spend the next days in jail. There was a hearing in the court on the last day i.e. on Thursday, in which the court had reserved the decision. In such a situation, there is constant displeasure towards the government in the Tyagi society. Seeing the displeasure of the Tyagi community with the BJP, all other political parties are trying to take him in their favor.

According to media reports, Tyagi's bail application was heard in the single bench of Justice Mayank Kumar Jain on Thursday. During this, Senior Advocate GS Chaturvedi and Advocate Amrita Rai Mishra presented their side. The court had also reserved the decision. It is known that on August 9, Shrikant Tyagi was arrested on charges of indecency with a woman.

8 people have already got bail
Let us tell you that the district court has already granted bail to 8 of his associates who were caught with Shrikant Tyagi. However, both Tyagi and his associate Rahul were gangsters by the police. A total of 10 people were arrested in the case.

Read the whole matter at a glance
It may be mentioned that a video of Shrikant Tyagi abusing a woman in a posh society of Noida went viral on social media on August 5. After which a raid was conducted to arrest Tyagi. Tyagi kept changing his location continuously. The police, who were raiding Tyagi's arrest, lost their sweat. As soon as the political mercury rose, the police announced a reward of 25 thousand on Tyagi, acting as a gangster. In search of Tyagi, the police started raids in Uttar Pradesh. About 12 police teams were engaged in this work. Tyagi was finally arrested from Meerut on 9 August.

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