Caste Census Is The Best Fix For The Reservation Issue, Says Akhilesh Yadav

Caste Census Is The Best Fix For The Reservation Issue, Says Akhilesh Yadav

Samajwadi Party chief Akhliesh Yadav on Wednesday attacked the BJP government over the issue of reservation and claimed that a caste census is the correct solution to this problem, days after the Allahabad High Court found that several illegalities were committed in fixing quota for appointment of 69,000 assistant teachers.

"The choice has been made to hire 69,000 assistant teachers. That is the outcome of the BJP government's feeble legal defence, which goes against the fundamental principles of reservation.

"With 'vidhai mayajaal,' the BJP exacerbates the reservation problem in order to deny Dalits-backwards their rights (legislative illusion). Yadav said in a series of Hindi tweets that the caste census is the best answer to this issue in order to ensure quota in accordance to the population.

The Allahabad High Court's Lucknow division ruled on Monday that the government had broken many laws when it set a quota for the hiring of R69,000 teachers in Uttar Pradesh via the Assistant Teachers Recruitment Examination (ATRE)-2019.

After properly repairing the reservation, the court had ordered the state government to evaluate the final list that was released in the case on June 1, 2020, within the following three months.

The chosen list of 6,800 instructors that was released on January 5, 2022 was also invalidated by the bench.

"This is the tragic tale of how the Dalits and OBCs were mistreated by the BJP regime. Is this the "Amritkal of freedom," where assistant teachers protest in the streets to preserve their means of subsistence? Will India instantly become Vishwaguru?

This time, 69,000 will bring about change!, Yadav said in a subsequent tweet that included a demonstration by teachers.

Yadav said, "When there is no right to demonstrate for one's rights, everyone needs to step up to resuscitate democracy," in a different tweet that included another footage of demonstrators. The youngsters from Dalit-backward communities are now aware of the BJP's reservation-related plot. The young have the capacity to alter the "yug" (period)," the BJP should keep in mind.

In its ruling, the HC said that under no circumstances may more than 50% of the available seats be reserved.

"It seems that the score and information of the applicants from the reserved category who participated in the ATRE 2019 were unclear. In its ruling on as many as 117 writ petitions, a bench of Justice Om Prakash Shukla stated: "There had been no attempt by the state authorities, who are custodian of the records of the ATRE 2019 and would have aided this court in supplying the abovementioned documents.

The court expressed sorrow for the already-posted instructors who could lose their jobs as a consequence of the review, but it continued to decide that the order would help to restore the fairness of the system.

"It is the state authorities who were required by the Constitution to carry out the word and spirit of the Reservation Act's provisions. The court said that the same should have been done in order to balance fairness and bear in mind the young men and women who, as teachers, will mould our nation's future.

It had given the state government the freedom to create a strategy for reassigning teachers who could be fired as a result of a change to the select list on June 1, 2020.

The court had to consider the accuracy of the quota supplied by the state authorities in selecting 69,000 assistant teachers after hearing a number of petitions.