Overload trucks crushed innocent, angry villagers jammed, heavy police force present in the village

Overload trucks crushed innocent, angry villagers jammed, heavy police force present in the village

In Mahoba, an overloaded truck crushed a 5-year-old innocent girl, due to which she died painfully on the spot. Due to the death of the girl child, the angry villagers have put a jam. Due to the jam for three hours, a large number of vehicles were stuck in the jam. As soon as the information was received, the police (UP Police) force of three police stations including SDM Sadar and CO reached the spot. Where the jam has been opened after explaining to the villagers.

The villagers are agitated over the overloaded trucks coming out from inside the township, due to which many accidents have happened in the past as well. This painful accident is in Paswara village under the Kotwali area of the district. Where a 5-year-old child who was playing at the door of the house died a painful death when an overloaded truck ran over her. The innocent died after coming under the wheels of the truck. In such a situation, the gathered villagers caught hold of the truck driver, thrashed him mercilessly, and blocked the main road of the village.

the overloaded truck ran over the girl
It is said that Lakshmi, the only 5-year-old daughter of Omprakash, who lives in Paswara village, was playing outside her house. Suddenly, an overloaded truck carrying ballast from there climbed directly on top of the girl and the innocent died a painful death by coming under the wheels of the truck. It is said that the truck driver was drunk when the accident happened. After this painful accident, the villagers got angry and on seeing this, they took down the truck driver and thrashed him fiercely. Not only this, but the villagers also damaged the truck and blocked it. There was a jam for almost three hours.

As soon as the information about the jamming of the villagers was received, the police of three police stations including ASP RK Gautam, SDM Jitendra Kumar, and CO Rampravesh Rai reached the spot where efforts were made to pacify the villagers. The villagers were adamant that overload trucks passing through the township should be stopped as accidents are happening every day. The villagers have to face a lot of problems due to the trucks coming out from inside the township. Despite being a township, overloaded trucks pass through here at a high speed, due to which people are troubled by the dust and dust, so the accidents happening there has also become a cause of concern after today's accident, the villagers got agitated and jammed. The police had to use mild force to open the jam, only then the jam could be opened somewhere. And as a precautionary police force has been deployed in the village.

A truck was coming carrying large stones from the quarry
Regarding this accident, SDM Jitendra Kumar said that the truck was coming from the mine carrying huge stones, under which the innocent girl died, on which the truck was stopped and jammed by angry relatives and villagers. The villagers demand that trucks should not pass through this route, for which arrangements are being made, as well as to ensure that trucks come out at a slow speed, police barricades are being installed and breakers are being made, along with water on the road by the mine owner. Instructions have been given for spraying and a case is being written against the accused truck driver.