Police Officer in Uttar Pradesh Uses Service Rifle to Kill Self

Police Officer in Uttar Pradesh Uses Service Rifle to Kill Self

According to authorities, a policeman assigned to a senior police officer's home in Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh, reportedly committed suicide on Tuesday morning by shooting himself.

Abhishek Yadav, a policeman from the 2020 class, spent the previous month assigned to a superintendent of police's home. Superintendent of Police Keshav Kumar said that he shot himself using his duty weapon.

According to the SP, the incident was discovered when a different policeman entered the watch room and saw Mr. Yadav lying in a pool of blood while the constable was receiving migraine treatment.

The SP said that Mr. Yadav leased a home close to the Police Lines. On Monday night, he had phone conversations with a few individuals.

According to the police, the victims' family have been notified and have already arrived in Balrampur.

According to him, the corpse is undergoing a post-mortem, and every element is being looked at in order to take further action.

The victim's brother, Vinay Yadav, said that he had discussed his headache with the family on Sunday evening.

His brother said that there was no justification for him to act in such a drastic manner.