Technocrats should be ready according to the demand of the industry, said- Microsoft's Asia Chief Ahmed Mazhari

Technocrats should be ready according to the demand of the industry, said- Microsoft's Asia Chief Ahmed Mazhari

The second day of the Diamond Jubilee Global Alumni Meet at Moti Lal Nehru National Institute of Technology (MNNIT) began on a colorful note on Saturday. The chief guests were Ahmed Mazhari, Chief of Microsoft Asia, and Srishti Singh, IAS of the 2021 batch. On the second day also retired teachers and completed students of different batches were felicitated.

The chief guest of the second day, Ahmed Mazhari, an alumnus of the 1991 batch, said that Indian talent is ringing all over the world. If you want to know more about this then go to google. you will find out. The stage at which he is today is the gift of this institution. The institute is continuously hoisting the flag of its merit. It's not us, the world believes. Demonstrating the driverless car, he said that the students of this institute are continuously proving their talent. Going forward there is a lot of autonomy happening in many sectors including manufacturing and healthcare.

The institute has prepared a new syllabus. From the very first semester, children will be taught about artificial intelligence and machine learning. This effort will continuously prove to take the institute forward. This will increase industries and employment too. The world of software Indians has made the world their admirer with their talent. Now there is a need to work in this direction in hardware also. He said that technocrats will always have to prepare according to the demands of the industry.

Retired teachers and graduating students of different batches were felicitated in the program. Along with this, Pura students also refreshed their old memories by visiting different departments. In the program, the director of the institute, Prof. RS Verma, Prof. Mukul Shukla, Prof. RP Tiwari, Dr. Jitendra Nath Gangwar, Prof. Avneesh Kumar Dubey, etc. was present.

Civil service preparation class
IAS Srishti Singh of the 2021 batch, who is a special guest at the Pura Student Conference, is a 2019 batch Pura student of Electronics and Communication. Srishti has achieved success in Civil Lines on the first attempt and is currently undergoing IAS training in Assam Cadre. He told that it was great to come back to his old institute. Whatever I am today, it is because of this institution.

He organized a class in the department to prepare for civil services, in which more than two hundred children participated. During this, Srishti told her juniors that she wants to join civil service, so how to prepare to get success. During this, the children also asked questions to solve the problems regarding the preparation. Srishti listened attentively to the curiosity of the students and satisfied them by providing solutions to their preparation problems.

Campus erupts in applause over driverless car demo
The first driverless car prepared by the students of the institute was demoed during the Pura Chhatra Sammelan. Ahmed Mazhari, President, Microsoft Asia, Prof. Rajeev Tiwari signaled the students to drive the car by cutting the tape. As the driverless car moved forward, the joy on the faces of the people gathered there to see it was being created. The entire campus resounded with thunderous applause.

The students who prepared this car, after driving the car, calmed the curiosity of the people about this car. The students explained in detail how the car was made. How is it operated? What technology is it based on? Now, what will be the next updated version of this? The director of the institute, Prof. RS Verma has expressed happiness over this achievement of the students. He said that in the future also the students of the institute will continue to prepare useful equipment for the people on the strength of their technical talent.