A picture of a 74-year-old guy playing "Pokemon Go" on 46 phones has gone viral

A picture of a 74-year-old guy playing "Pokemon Go" on 46 phones has gone viral

There is no way you haven't heard of the immensely popular game "Pokemon Go," whether you like social media or not. As a result of players from the age range of 8 to 80 being unable to put the Niantic-produced game down, it became wildly popular. Currently making headlines is a 74-year-old Taiwanese grandpa who became a little bit too engaged in the interactive game.

For those who have never heard of it, Pokemon Go is a fun game where players may catch Pokemon that were shown in the television series. People were able to capture a number of rare Pokemons, but they had to walk about and use their cellphones to launch Pokeballs in order to expand their collection.

The aging Taiwanese guy was so enthralled with the game that he fastened 64 phones to his bicycle to improve his score. Yuan, a Chen San grandchild, taught him how to play the game in 2016. "By 2018, he had already updated his setup to eight phones and become a local celebrity known as "the Pokmon go grandfather," according to the Instagram description of the picture.

The post has received more than 228k likes and reactions. The audience was won over by the old man's unique skill. They spoke about how the man's enthusiasm showed how popular Pokemon is.

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Living his best life, a person said in the comment area. doing what brings him joy. "Taking a don't use your phone while driving or cycling to a whole new level," one person joked.