Despite its romantic appearance, the viral moon phase compatibility test is fake

Despite its romantic appearance, the viral moon phase compatibility test is fake

Are you weary of swiping left and right in search of the ideal match? ye.commastmastmastmas, and. They are using the moon, a heavenly body that is always associated with romance, to help them discover their soul partner. People are now claiming to locate their love based on the phases of the moon in a viral TikTok fad that has everyone talking. That shouldn't come as a surprise since there really are "match made in heaven" situations, and the moon, with its ethereal presence, is the ideal celestial body to channel all those gooey fancies that we almost exclusively only read about in love novels.

How does this fad operate? Users may look up the moon phases based on their own and their significant other's birthdays. The findings are then combined. You've discovered your one true love if it forms a full moon. Several TikTok members recorded the whole procedure while they were with their relationships. That may have a romantic ring to it, but it also feels too easy to be true.

"Old wine in fresh bottles: that's the moon phase soulmate trend. In an email to, Ben Radford, deputy editor of the science journal Skeptical Inquirer and author, said, "It's clearly a spin on astrological sun signs but has removed some of those trappings, maybe to give it an air of scientific credibility. This tendency offers some psychological solace and appeals to magical thinking. This trend includes all the characteristics of a normal TikTok trend, including using a user's name, hometown, visage, or birthday as the basis for a game.

Ben Radford also makes the point that if individuals really adopt these tendencies, the outcome is probably not going to be favorable. If their moon phases don't end up coinciding, they can lose out on a terrific relationship. Even worse, if it does match, they could wind up in a terrible relationship.

NASA said that the moon passes through eight phases, including the new moon, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, third quarter, and waning crescent. This was further stated by This implies that there should only be eight different types of persons if these stages are the sole criteria employed to assess soulmate compatibility.

In order to form a "whole moon," the four conceivable combinations of these phases—the new moon and the full moon, the third quarter moon and the first quarter moon, the waning gibbous and the waxing crescent, and the waning crescent and the waxing gibbous—must all be combined.

The necessity for a soulmate-finding software would be superfluous given that there are around 8 billion individuals in the world and that each category should only be compatible with one other category.

The method's dependence on moon phases also poses a challenge since the side of the moon that is lit during each phase varies depending on where on Earth a person is. Notwithstanding the drawbacks of this method, some TikTok users claim to have discovered their soulmates via it. Nevertheless, this may be because happy couples are more likely to communicate their positive outcomes than unhappy couples with their matches.