Pretzels are a popular German snack, and an Indian woman tries them for the first time

Pretzels are a popular German snack, and an Indian woman tries them for the first time

People are now trying new foods from foreign nations and documenting their responses in an attempt to become viral. Now that it has gone viral, a video of an Indian woman's response to a German snack pretzel is resonating with many people. A baked pastry known as a pretzel is prepared from dough that is often formed into a knot.

The woman's daughter Kaveri posted the footage on Instagram. Wait for the End is how she captioned the video. Jao ab samajh. But my favourite food remains the pretzel. Yes, it took me some time to get used to it.

The text overlay on the video states, "Indian Mom tasting German cuisine."

Kaveri informs her viewers at the beginning of the video that her mother will be attempting a pretzel. Then her mother is spotted nibbling on a pretzel while having the snack. It's safe to assume that she wasn't pleased with the flavour because of the reactions on her face.

She responds "theek thak" (all right) when her daughter asks whether she like the pretzel before adding, "theek hi thak hai, matlab samajh jao." You can comprehend yourself, it's simply alright.

Social media users praised the woman's dismissive response and posted a range of remarks in response. Hahahahah... Moms are the sweetest, one person said. By the way, following your buildup, I anticipated her response to be "es ist nicht gut."

Aunty ki expressions se pata chal gaya (Aunty's expressions tell it all), said another. Another said, "I didn't like pretzel, either." "This is lovely of her to attempt what a cute moment," a third person remarked.

A few days ago, a video of an Indian lady sampling seven distinct varieties of pani puri went viral. The woman was from South Korea.