Some have three wives and some are the owners of flats, you will be surprised to know the earnings of these beggars.

Some have three wives and some are the owners of flats, you will be surprised to know the earnings of these beggars.

You will be surprised to know about them

If someone tells you that the beggars who are often seen roaming along the streets can be the owners of many lakhs. So you may find this a joke but it is a fact. There are many such beggars in the country who have become millionaires due to this business. We know that you must not believe us, but today you are going to meet such lakhpati beggars.   

This handicapped does the work of begging with three wives

The age of Chhotu Barai of Jharkhand is about 40 years. Physically handicapped Chotu has three wives. Chotu, a beggar and a seller of personal care products of a company, has his office at Chakradharpur railway station. Chhotu earns about 30 thousand rupees in a month. Chotu's three wives also earn and give him their full earnings and after that Chotu gives them salary. Chotu says that he worked hard initially but could not save money. In such a situation, the path of begging was adopted. Since then, there is an income of about 1000-1200 rupees every day. From which now he earns about 3 to 4 lakh rupees every year.  

The place of business reaches by auto

In this list, the most famous beggar of Dadar area of ​​Mumbai is Masu. Masu comes from home in an auto rickshaw to his place of begging. On reaching his daily place, he changes clothes and gets on with his work. He begs till evening, then changes clothes and reaches his home after catching an autorickshaw. Masu also earns around Rs 1500 to 2000 per day. He says that he has been begging for about 45 years.

owner of multiple flats

Sambhaji black beggars of Solapur beg with their entire family. There are four members in Sambhaji Kale's family and all do the same thing. Sambhaji Kale alone begs up to Rs 2,000 in a day. Now calculate for yourself that every member of the family earns only this much, then what will be their daily income. Today they have many flats and many houses of their own.

earning 80 thousand a month

If the name of Mumbai's beggar Bharat Jain is not taken in it, it will be meaningless. Bharat himself has disclosed his income. By begging this every month, he earns 80 thousand rupees. It is common for Bharat Jain to earn so much every month. Not only this, they have two two bedroom flats. Along with this, he has also opened a shop and from this he earns 10 to 12 thousand rupees daily.

This is Mr. Millionaire

Pappu is the most millionaire beggar of Patna. Pappu does not compromise on the education of his children and the happiness of the family. His son studies in an English medium school. If we talk about their earnings, then they have opened accounts in many banks. Not only this, the passbook of every bank account is also properly maintained. ATMs of every bank have also been built. They say that today the happiness of the family is maintained by begging.

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Bravery: This brave man saved the calf from among the hungry crocodiles

Bravery: This brave man saved the calf from among the hungry crocodiles

1- Sometimes there is such a moment that it is very difficult to forget, something similar happened when a brave crocodile brought a calf from among the hungry crocodiles. A calf was trapped in the middle of a mud field full of crocodiles. The mud was so much that even the calf was failing to walk. The incident took place on the Banal Island of Brazil. 

2- This video was shared on social media on 24 October. After which this video went viral. When the young man went into the mud to save the calf, the crocodiles also attacked him but he pulled the calf by the ear with great bravery. When the calf came out of the mud, the young man breathed a sigh of relief. Banal of Brazil A river flowing on Iceland has now turned into a mud field. 

3- The name of this river is Araguaia. Hundreds of crocodiles live in this river. When the rescue team saved the calf, another cow was seen there. The team also pulled that cow out of that mud. The boy, wearing a yellow jacket and a cap on his head, went into the mud with great care and then with the help of his ear, rescued the calf.

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