The young man came under the moving car, the tire on the chest of the man but did not get hurt! Surprise Video

The young man came under the moving car, the tire on the chest of the man but did not get hurt! Surprise Video

Accidents can happen anytime and with anyone. It is not necessary that a person is a victim of road accidents only when he is driving. Sometimes road accidents happen even with people walking on the sidewalk. These days one such video is going viral, in which a young man had a shocking accident but his life was saved. The tire of the car climbed on the young man (Boy came under moving van video).

Surprising videos are often shared on the Twitter account @AwardsDarwin_, which can surprise anyone. Recently, a video of a road accident (boy met with accident come under van) has been shared on this account, in which the young man's life was saved. Surprisingly, the young man was on the pavement and the car was also moving very slowly. Despite that, both of them became victims of the accident.

a young man in an accident
It is seen in the video that a young man is driving a kick scooter at high speed on the pavement. Suddenly an orange-colored van starts moving towards the road from the parking lot. Suddenly the young man's balance deteriorates and he falls and comes directly under the car. Perhaps the driver of the van does not see that the young man has come under him. He pushes the car forward and his front tire hits his chest and crosses it. As soon as he sees the young man, he reverses the car again, and once again the tire climbs on him. After this, as soon as the car leaves, the young man gets up again and sits down, and starts moaning. He seems to be in pain but does not appear to have suffered any serious injuries.

People reacted to the video
This video is going viral on Twitter. It has got more than 13 lakh views. Many people have also given their feedback by commenting on the video. A person shared an article on the Daily Mail website and said that after this the challan of the person who was the victim of the accident was also deducted. However, whether this is true or not, we cannot claim it. Many people are surprised that the way he came under the van, and how his life was saved. One said that it was good that the tire did not hit his head as he was not wearing a helmet.

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