This is the world's only floating national park, located in this beautiful state of India

This is the world's only floating national park, located in this beautiful state of India

To save the eco-system, World Nam Bhoomi Day is observed every year in the month of February. This year, moist land and clear water have been themed for Nam Bhoomi Divas. For your information, let us tell you that the only floating national park of the world is present in our country India only because of World Nam Day.

You must be very curious to know where such a national park is? So tell you that this national park is located in Manipur, which is the only floating national park in the world. This park is known as Keibul Lamjo. The entire North is known for its natural beauty but there is no answer to the beauty of Keibul Lamjo. Keibul Lamjo National Park is located on the Loktak Lake. It is located in Bishnupur district of Manipur, which is about 50-55 km from the capital Imphal.

The natural islands made in this lake are also worth seeing. These are called 'Phumdi'. The largest island among these islands is spread over 40 square kilometers. Fishermen live on these petals. This lake makes Manipur quite strong financially as well. The lake provides water for the state's hydropower generation.

This national park is situated in the middle of the lake. This national park is said to be the last natural home of the extinct Sangi deer from the world. Sangai is also the state animal of Manipur. There are many animals in this forest such as turtles, cobras and vipers in snakes, some less visible cats marbled cat and Asian golden cat. Apart from these, many species of birds are also present here.

In such a situation, if you like nature, animals and birds, then you can definitely come to Manipur to see this beautiful view spread in the lap of Loktak lake. You will be very happy to see all these views and you will also get spiritual peace.

Corpse flowers: These are the world's largest flowers, spread in 4 square feet

Corpse flowers: These are the world's largest flowers, spread in 4 square feet
Till date you must have seen many beautiful and fragrant flowers, but today we are telling about the largest flowers in the world which are seen in the forests of West Central Sumatra, Indonesia. According to wildlife officials, its name is Reflecia. This flower is of sky and white color and is spread over 4 square feet. The structure of male and female flowers is similar. It is a parasitic plant. It smells very bad.

World's Largest Flower:

This flower is divided into five parts. In the middle of the dal chakra is the pylinous wreath, which is attached to the ovary at the base. The smell present in the pylinous wreath attracts insect moths, as soon as the insect comes in contact with the flower, it falls and dies. With this, they are able to polynet it. This flower is also known as 'corpse flower' by the locals.

What is its features:

This flowering plant has no leaves and roots. This flower blooms only in a few months of the year. These flowers start blooming in October and continue to bloom till March. The age of a flower is 65 days. A week before it ends, it starts to turn black and smells bad.

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