Tomb of crores: bones are stored in lockers, now such bodies are buried

Tomb of crores: bones are stored in lockers, now such bodies are buried

Hong Kong: The population of many countries present in the world has become so much that there is no more land left for people to live there. Even after death there is no longer room for burial of dead bodies. The condition has become so dangerous that after removing the dead bodies from the old tombs and burning them, the new bodies are being buried. Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. The condition has become so bad that there is no cemetery left for people to bury. In such a situation, instead of burying the dead bodies, people are burning them and keeping the ashes in the locker so that they get as much land as the ash.

Announcement to burn dead bodies by digging up graves in 6 years old

Property prices started skyrocketing in the year 1970 itself. Meanwhile, in view of the unavailability of small pieces of land for the people to live in, the government there decided that new tombs would not be built in the country. It was also ordered that the burial tombs be dug out and burnt every 6 years to make room for newly arrived bodies.

The dead have no place to sleep peacefully

Even after this strange rule, there could not be any place to sleep peacefully with those who died there. The number of the deceased will come in 6 years, even after that the place will be found or not, it is decided by lottery.

2 crore 83 lakh rupees will have to be spent for the grave

If a die is fortunate enough and a member of a church where there is a place to bury the dead, then he can find a place. But for this also, there is no small amount, but for this, the family of the deceased will have to spend 2 crore 83 lakh rupees. So obviously in Hong Kong neither a large population live or have a home, nor can they rest after death.

The bones are kept in a bank locker

This is the reason that a different method is being adopted here for the last few years. The relatives burn the dead directly instead of burying it and collect the bones and place them in a safe place or bank locker. They wait that if ever they can buy land or if the cemetery is empty, they will collect the ashes and do the whole process.

Numbers of next several years have been booked in cemeteries

Here the relatives collect the ashes of the dead in a jar that whenever the number comes, only that ash can be buried. A detailed report has come out in Reuters, which describes how the lottery system works for burial here. If no one can wait to keep the bones, then there is also an arrangement for that. He will not have to deposit much more than 94 lakh rupees, instead of which he will be given land of A4 size (as big as a shoe box), in which only one jar can be buried.

1 crore 86 lakhs per square meter

Please tell that the price per square meter of a luxury house in posh area of ​​Hong Kong is Rs 1.86 million. In such a situation, one can only guess how difficult life in Hong Kong will be. The lack of space here has increased so much that people are forced to live in wooden coffin cubicles.

Coffin cubicles: Kitchen and toilet together in these boxed houses

A large population is living in these coffin cubicles as the country has no developable piece of land to expand. Due to the huge increase in the price of house rent, low income people are forced to live in boxes. Boxed houses have kitchens and toilets together which are quite small and are constructed by connecting wood or wires.

One bed rent is Rs 17,781 per month.

People who make coffin cubicles belong to real estate. These people rent or buy a house of about 400 square feet to build a cage or coffin. Then turn it into a coffin cubicle with 20 double decker beds. The rent for each bed is around $ 250 USD i.e. around 17,781 rupees a month.

What is special about the worm sold in 20 lakh rupees kg, why is there so much demand in China?

What is special about the worm sold in 20 lakh rupees kg, why is there so much demand in China?

It is often heard that in the Himalayas or many high mountains, there are such herbs, which are prized. There are also many herbs, which can be effective for many diseases. There is one such herb, whose name is worm herb. In North India it is called worm, while some people also know it as Yarshagumba or Himalayan Viagra. You will feel like a worm or a legume, but it is considered very precious.

How special it is and how much its demand is, you can apply it only by its price. This worm herb is worth more than silver. Many times its price reaches lakhs of rupees per kg, which is really surprising. Not in India, its demand is more in China or Nepal. In China, this worm is sold at a very expensive price. In such a situation, you know what this worm is, and why its price is so high…

What is a worm studded?

The worm is found in areas with an altitude of more than 3500 meters, i.e. identifying it and bringing it is also a very difficult task. Apart from India, it is also found in the Himalayas and Tibetan plateaus in Nepal, China and Bhutan. In India, the worm is also found in Pithoragarh, Chamoli and Bageshwar districts in Uttarakhand. It is a kind of wild mushroom, which thrives on the crates of a particular insect, that is, caterpillars. The scientific name of this herb is Cordyceps sinensis.

It is also a means of livelihood for people living in mountainous areas. When there is less snow from the mountains after the cold, the people around here go out to find it and bring it and sell it in the market. Then big traders send it to other countries. It is said that the people there too have the right to break it and every year it has a turnover of more than 100 crores in Asia.

How much is the price

By the way, its price depends on the circumstances of every country and weather etc. By the way, its rate is generally 20 lakh rupees per kg and in China, Hong Kong countries, it is sold at a hefty price. However, during Corona this business was also greatly affected and due to this its price had come to one lakh rupees. By the way, it is very expensive.

Why is it so expensive?

There are many reasons for it to be expensive. It is said that this herb is also used as a cancer medicine. Also, it is used in different ways in China. In China, the worm herb is seen as a sexual drug, and athletes also use it as a steroid. It remains a source of income for the villagers of the Indian Himalayas. Apart from this, it also has many benefits.

Hard to find, but now in danger

Let us know that after the reduction in the areas with its availability for the past several years by 30 percent, the International Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has put it in the 'Red List'. It is believed that now it is being exploited and effective measures can be taken for its protection soon. It is believed that the availability of wormwood is rapidly decreasing. In the last 15 years, its availability has dropped by 30 percent.

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