What? Woman fakes pregnancy to get benefits from a government programme; information here

What? Woman fakes pregnancy to get benefits from a government programme; information here

For many months, a lady pretends to be pregnant in order to get government assistance. The event was reported from the Malkangiri district's Mathili block's Birenpalli village.

The lady, who has been named as Kaushalya Bhuyan, even claimed that the hospital had stolen her child after her fraudulent pregnancy was made public during a health examination.

According to media sources, she registered her name with the nearby auxiliary nurse midwife (ANM) worker by lying to her husband. She used to go there every day to pick up the iodine that the government distributed to expectant women under the assistance programme.

She (Kaushalya) has previously had family planning surgery, according to ASHA employee Asamati Gouda. So how does she conceive once more? Her claims of infant snatching are unfounded.

She stated, "I was escorted to the labour room and informed my birth will take place after some time," in a statement to the media. When the nurse examined, she noted that gas had caused my stomach to swell.

"My wife's ultrasound was done and they detected no kid within the womb," her husband Bundu Poti stated.

She admitted to her drama when the medical staff turned her over to the police. More astonishing perhaps is the fact that the wife had family planning surgery in 2017.

The gynaecologist did a check-up and an ultrasound when she was taken to the hospital, according to Malkangiri CDMO Dr. Prafulla Kumar Nanda. The doctor discovered she was not pregnant, however. In 2017, the woman also had a family planning procedure. If someone is found guilty, an investigation will be conducted and appropriate action will be taken.

The Chief District Medical Officer (CDMO) said that an inquiry will be conducted in the meantime.