Sunny Deol is going to make a film with brother and son, strong information surfaced

Sunny Deol is going to make a film with brother and son, strong information surfaced

Bollywood actor and MP Sunny Deol is planning to become a new film. He had made up his mind to make the film long ago but he was looking for a good story so that he could taste his son Karan Deol this time. Sunny Deol's son Karan had stepped into Bollywood from the film Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas, this film was a love story but could not command anything special at the box office. Karan was praised in the film but there was nothing in his character that the audience would remember.

To pursue his son's career, Sunny has decided to cast his son Karan Deol in his film so that Karan Deol's career can be accelerated. According to information received from sources, it is also reported that Sunny Deol is looking for a story in which his brother Bobby Deol can also be fitted. Sunny Deol wants to make a film with both his brother and son together. This news has not been officially confirmed yet. We have to wait till the news is confirmed.

Let us tell you that the year 2020 has been quite right for Bobby Deol's career, this year three films of Bobby Deol have come and all three got very good response. The Ashram and Ashram 2 released on MX Player were also liked by the people. 

BB14 Written Update: Arshi accused of playing 'Woman Card', Devolina revealed the relationship

BB14 Written Update: Arshi accused of playing 'Woman Card', Devolina revealed the relationship

In Colors TV's reality show Bigg Boss 14, the work given to the family in the Wednesday episode continued even today. Rubina's Red team throws everything in the Yellow team ie Rahul's team. In this task, neither a cycle is left nor a pump to fill the air is left. But still Abhinava adds a bicycle. When Ali's team sees this, they try to break the cycle. Meanwhile, Arshi hides the nuts and some items of the task inside her top. Devolina gets agitated seeing this, she says do not play the 'Woman Card'. She quarrels with Arshi over this matter.

Bigg Boss collects all the family members and asks Vikas which team's cycle is 'In Tact'. Vikas answers on this question that both the team tried well but Abhinav's team tried more. But no cycle is 'in tact'. Rubina gets very angry with Vikas Gupta for this. He believes that development has taken the wrong decision. Rubina starts fighting with Vikas on this matter.

Arshi took the mess

Along with Rubina, Arshi also starts fighting with Ali and Vikas. She says that Ali's team has destroyed everything but her team has made a bicycle. Arshi tells Vikas that she is his senior, Vikas gives the opposite answer to this. Between the two, you become me.

10 rupee mechanic

Even after the task, we continue to make innovative bicycles. They put the bicycle seat. Seeing the hard work of Abhinav, Vikas says to Rahul, his team did not work any hard, after listening to the development, Rahul says, it is okay. I will give them 10 rupees. Hearing this, Rubina flares up once again. She says her team has constructed. Using his engineering techniques, Abhinav finally makes the whole cycle ready. Through his work, he shows Rahul how much talent is there in him.

Rakhi Sawant tries to break the friendship

Today there was a fierce fight between Ali and Abhinav in the cycle task, but Ali later joined hands with Abhinav and Rubina. They have considered Rubina as their sister. He is also friends with Nikki, but when it comes to Rahul, he always targets Rahul, Nikki, Rubina and Abhinav. While saying this to Rahul, Rakhi says that she should talk to Ali about this. After listening to Rakhi, Rahul says that he cannot become like Ali. They love him a lot but he cannot do friendship or quarrel with people.

A fight over food

Today, Vikas was seen interrupting Arshi Khan to wash dishes. Vikas threw two parathas thrown by Arshi on National TV by throwing paratha to Sonali Phogat. Householders say that Arshi keeps the lentils open. Many times the dal gets wasted. There Rubina tells the family that she should put three-day-old pulses in the paratha. Hearing this, the householders say that this can cause stomach upset, but Abhinav says that no one can spoil one's stomach by eating cooked food.

Ruckus over kiss

Nikki Tamboli rinses his eaten plate without washing it. Nikki appears to be quarreling with Vikas Gupta when he interrupts them. She tells Vikas, 'Why? Will you tell me Neither I am your family nor your friend, whatever you talk to me like this, wash. You are kissing her. On hearing this, Vikas Gupta loses his temper and advises Nikki to stay within his limits, calling him Zhukti Makkar.

Accused of playing 'Woman Card' again

He asks Nikki, who did he kiss? It is obvious that the target was from Devolina Bhattacharya because Vikas had kissed Devolina on her cheek. On hearing such a thing of Nikki, Devolina also starts showering on Nikki and says that she should stay within her limits. Nikki once again accuses Arshi and Nikki of using the Woman card. She says that you guys are taking advantage of being your girl. You have reservations when the house's mail contestants will do it. Devolina kisses development from the front.

Rakhi tore off the batches of Abhinav

Abhinav asks Nikki in front of Rakhi, 'Nikki will eat something.' Rakhi points to Abhinav and says that he is a slave of Joru. Rakhi tore Abhinav's tail in front of Rakhi Kaichi. She says she gave immunity to Abhinav but sometimes Abhinav called him a rickshaw and sometimes a truck. Abhinav comes out and kills Abhinav by throwing a false orange on Abhinav and Rubina talks about this and decides to stay away from Rakhi.

Know who is the cleanest heart of the house, trust is slow and effective

Bigg Boss gives a task to the family in which there is a fight between Rubina and Rahul. In this match, both of them have to keep the favor of the contestants given to them and the member of the house will elect one by their voting. First of all, Rahul is given a rakhi to Arshi and Rubina to know which householder is clean of heart. After listening to both sides, Vikas expresses his heart to Rakhi and Rubina's team gets a point. Dependable Devolina chooses Ali from Rahul's team, then she chooses Rakhi, leaving Abhinav for impressive and Rahul wins these tasks.

Arshi Khan revealed the secrets of development

Rakhi starts teasing Devolina about Rahul, on this matter, Devolina says that the way Rahul has girlfriends outside, he too has boyfriends outside. At the end of the episode in front of Rahul and Ali, Arshi made many revelations about Vikas Gupta. He said that Vikas was his best friend at one time and Arshi used to talk to him more than his boyfriend. Arshi said that Vikas used to call people several times and ask for Arshi's recording of it. Arshi once again repeats that she will stand with Vikas's mother. He said that development is spoiling the image of others.

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