What is the hidden agenda of Pakistan's new security policy? After all, why the mention of BJP came, know the opinion of the expert

What is the hidden agenda of Pakistan's new security policy? After all, why the mention of BJP came, know the opinion of the expert

These days the new security policy of Pakistan is in the headlines. The attention of the people of Pakistan is on this policy. It has been claimed in this policy that this will improve the economic system of Pakistan. Great things have been done in this. Dreams have been shown to the citizens of Pakistan. In such a situation, the question arises whether this new security policy is really going to rejuvenate in Pakistan. India is also eyeing an important question in this policy. There is also a mention of Bharatiya Janata Party and Jammu and Kashmir in this policy, due to which questions are being raised about this policy in India. After all, why BJP and Jammu and Kashmir have been mentioned in this policy. Let us know what is the opinion of the experts on this security policy of Pakistan.

After all, what is the national security policy of Pakistan?

1- Prof. Harsh V Pant says that in reality it is less security policy of Pakistan and more internal policy and diplomacy. However, the Government of Pakistan claims that for the first time, a national security policy has been prepared giving priority to civilian interests. Its purpose is to bring Pakistan's decaying economy back on track. Apart from this, he wants to better his picture in the world. He said that the purpose of Pakistan's security policy is more related to the internal politics of the country.

2- He said that the economic system of Pakistan has completely collapsed. Unemployment and inflation are at its peak in the country. In such a situation, the crisis on the power of the Imran government has deepened. Because of this security policy, he wants to divert the attention of his citizens from this side. This is the reason why India's ruling party Bharatiya Janata Party has been mentioned on this security policy. In Pakistan's new security policy, India's threats to spread misinformation, Hindutva and domestic politics have been counted as aggressive policy to gain advantage.

3- It has been said in this security policy that the Bharatiya Janata Party-led government in India is using Pakistan in domestic politics. The government of India uses the issue of relations with Pakistan in politics to increase its popularity. He said that by mentioning India and the Bharatiya Janata Party, Imran Khan wants to divert the attention of the problems of his country from the root problem. The Pakistan government has expressed its intention by mentioning India and BJP in the security policy.

4- Prof. Pant says that Jammu and Kashmir has been mentioned in this national security policy. In this, Jammu and Kashmir has been described as the basis of two-way relations. He said that by taking the name of Jammu and Kashmir, the Imran government wants to divert the attention of its people from unemployment and inflation. By doing this the Imran government of Pakistan has made its intention clear. Not only this, while issuing this policy, Pakistani officials have warned India that if relations with New Delhi do not improve, then India will suffer the most. Prof Pant said that these statements issued by Pakistan are provoking instead of joining India.

5- Actually, the economic system of Pakistan is in bad shape at this time. If seen, the economy of the neighboring country is dependent on foreign debt. After the Taliban's support in Afghanistan, he is now completely exposed. The taint of Pakistan government and army has been exposed. He is isolated from the world. Even his friendship with China is not working. On the economic front, he cannot expect much from China. On the other hand, after open support to the Taliban, western countries including America have distanced themselves from Pakistan. International funding agencies are also under pressure after this incident.

6- Through security policy, he wants to send a message to the world that now he will focus on his economic system instead of a terrorist supported nation. For this, it will improve relations with its neighboring countries. Through this policy, he has given a message that now he wants to establish friendly relations with the neighboring countries.

What did PM Imran Khan say

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the entire focus of the new security policy is on strengthening the country's economy. He said that in foreign policy also, the focus will be on taking forward economic diplomacy. Imran said that the biggest security is that people stand for the country. This situation can be created through inclusive growth. Imran said that this policy has been prepared with the consent of the military and civil administration. This policy is being prepared since the year 2014. This policy was approved by the cabinet in December 2021. He said that the National Security Committee has also approved it.

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Ukrainian citizens who escaped from Russia's attacks narrated their ordeal

Ukrainian citizens who escaped from Russia's attacks narrated their ordeal

Kyiv. Russian troops have stepped up attacks on the eastern Ukrainian cities of Svyarodonetsk and Lysikhansk. People who escaped from these areas say that since the last week the shelling has intensified, due to which they were not able to get out of the bomb anti-bomb centers built in the basement. Despite heavy Russian shelling, some fled these areas to Pokrovsk, 130 km south, and on Saturday left for western Ukraine on an evacuation train, which is far from the battlefield.

In the Luhansk region, fighting has intensified in the last important cities under Ukrainian control - Svyarodonetsk and Lysikhansk. The Donbas, made up of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions, is at the center of the Russian military's latest operation, which is considered the industrial center of eastern Ukraine. Moscow-backed separatists have been in control of a part of the Donbas for the past eight years and now the Russian army is trying to establish control over the whole of the Donbas. Yana Skakova's eyes were filled with tears as she somehow managed to escape with her 18-month-old baby in her lap amid the bombing. She narrated her ordeal that she was in the basement during the ongoing bombings and eventually came out with her 18-month-old and four-year-old sons, leaving behind her husband. Yana said that in the early days of the fighting, she used to get a chance to cook food on the street and let the children play outside, but the bombing has intensified over the past week.

He told that for the last five days people have not been able to come out of the basement at all. Yana said, “The situation there is very bad. It is very dangerous to come out." He said that on Friday, the police reached to rescue him from the basement, where 18 people, including nine children, were staying for the last two-and-a-half months. Yana said, “We were sitting there when the traffic police came and said that you should leave as soon as possible because it is not safe to live in Lysikansk now.”

He said that no one wanted to leave the city despite heavy bombardment and a lack of electricity, water, and gas. According to Yana, “we did not want to come from there, but had to leave for the sake of our children.” Oksana is 74 years old and her story is no different. She said that on Friday she was evacuated from Lasikhansk along with her 86-year-old husband by foreign volunteers. Seeing the uncertainty of the future, Oksana said, “I am going somewhere, but where, I do not know. Now I am a beggar who has no happiness. Now I have to live with help. It is better that I die.

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