First, identify your skin, then you will get glowing skin like this

First, identify your skin, then you will get glowing skin like this

Skin is the softest part of our body. Everyone wants to keep their skin glowing whether it is women or men. Everyone is very sensitive about the skin. By the way, people adopt many types of health tips to improve their skin. But do you know that not all health tips work equally on all skin types?

According to health shots, everyone's skin is different, and to keep it safe, we should take a diet according to our skin. Along with eating green vegetables, fruits, and dry fruits, we should take care of some things according to our skin. To get glowing skin, we need the right diet plan that suits our skin.

It is said that as you look from the outside, so are you from the inside. Your skin has a deep effect on your personality, so it is important that you take care of your skin. To keep the skin healthy, first of all, it is important to know what type of skin you have. Let me tell you how you can know it

Identify skin like this
First of all, clean your skin thoroughly with some soap or face wash. Do not apply anything on the face after cleansing the skin. After about an hour, see how your skin behaves. There are four types of skin and you can see for yourself what kind of skin you have

dry skin
normal skin
oily skin
or a mixed skin

You can have many other problems with this type of skin. For example, the problem of acne, the problem of flaking, or the problem of dullness. If your skin is shiny then it is oily skin. If a white line is formed in the skin then it is dry skin. Mixed skin of both dry and oily is also found in some people.

Follow these methods for dry skin
Water intake is very good for dry skin. Increase the amount of water you drink. In the initial days, you should drink at least two liters of water daily. Eat fruits that have high water content. To get relief from dry skin, you should eat such foods in which the amount of fatty acids is high. like…

olive oil
Along with this, use less amount of caffeine and alcohol.

Our dry skin is generally caused due to deficiency of Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Therefore, foods like spinach, sweet potato, and broccoli should be consumed.

Get relief from oily skin
The easiest way to get relief from oily skin is to reduce the intake of oil in your diet. Reduce the intake of fried things. Excessive consumption of sugar is also bad for oily skin, so reduce the use of sugar-rich substances. Include whole wheat instead of refined carbs and healthy foods like poultry instead of red meat in your diet.

These tips for mixed skin
You should do a balanced diet plan for mixed skin. In this, it must be taken into account that the diet should not contain an excess of those foods that promote oily skin or not include such substances which promote dry skin.

what to do for pimples
Many people believe that as we age, the problem of acne is common. Some people consider the problem of acne or pimples to be the hallmark of adolescence, but it is not so at all. People who are prone to acne breakouts It is important for people with this skin type to cut down on dairy, as well as sugary and fatty foods.

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