Such a temple where the worship of bikes is not done instead of God, you will be surprised to know the reason

Such a temple where the worship of bikes is not done instead of God, you will be surprised to know the reason
God is often worshiped in the temple but there is also a temple where a motorcycle is worshiped, not a god or any idol. Yes ... There is a place in this world where people worship bikes rather than God. And that too is not such a bike but the bullet is worshiped.
# Om Banna Temple:
There is a temple in Pali, Rajasthan named Om Banna Temple. In this temple, you did not see any idol of God but kept a bullet, which people must be worshiping. Here all the people pray in front of the bullet and pray.
# Thakur Om Singh Rathore:
Thakur Om Singh Rathore was born here on 5 March 1965. People here called him as Om Bannasa. Om Bannasa was very fond of the bullet. Once Bannasa went to meet his wife's in-laws on his bike. While returning home in the evening, there was a blind turn Om Bannasa did not see the turn and he became an accident.
# Bike vanished from police station:
The police made a case and put Ombanna Sa's bike in the police station and reached his dead body, but the next day Om Bannasa's bike disappeared from the police station. But then found the place where Om Bannasa had an accident, after which the police brought the bike back to the police station but the next day again the bike disappeared from the police station and was found lying at the same place.
# Soul of Om Bannasa:
Police thought the bike thieves take it, so this time they took out all the petrol of the bike and tied it in a thick chain, but the bike was found missing the next day. The villagers felt that it was Om Bannasa's soul that was missing the bike.
# Villagers built a memorial:
So the villagers decided to build a bike memorial. Then this memorial was established as a temple. It is also necessary to make offerings of a bottle of liquor from Om Bannasa's bike, only after this, the human progresses from here.

What is special about the worm sold in 20 lakh rupees kg, why is there so much demand in China?

What is special about the worm sold in 20 lakh rupees kg, why is there so much demand in China?

It is often heard that in the Himalayas or many high mountains, there are such herbs, which are prized. There are also many herbs, which can be effective for many diseases. There is one such herb, whose name is worm herb. In North India it is called worm, while some people also know it as Yarshagumba or Himalayan Viagra. You will feel like a worm or a legume, but it is considered very precious.

How special it is and how much its demand is, you can apply it only by its price. This worm herb is worth more than silver. Many times its price reaches lakhs of rupees per kg, which is really surprising. Not in India, its demand is more in China or Nepal. In China, this worm is sold at a very expensive price. In such a situation, you know what this worm is, and why its price is so high…

What is a worm studded?

The worm is found in areas with an altitude of more than 3500 meters, i.e. identifying it and bringing it is also a very difficult task. Apart from India, it is also found in the Himalayas and Tibetan plateaus in Nepal, China and Bhutan. In India, the worm is also found in Pithoragarh, Chamoli and Bageshwar districts in Uttarakhand. It is a kind of wild mushroom, which thrives on the crates of a particular insect, that is, caterpillars. The scientific name of this herb is Cordyceps sinensis.

It is also a means of livelihood for people living in mountainous areas. When there is less snow from the mountains after the cold, the people around here go out to find it and bring it and sell it in the market. Then big traders send it to other countries. It is said that the people there too have the right to break it and every year it has a turnover of more than 100 crores in Asia.

How much is the price

By the way, its price depends on the circumstances of every country and weather etc. By the way, its rate is generally 20 lakh rupees per kg and in China, Hong Kong countries, it is sold at a hefty price. However, during Corona this business was also greatly affected and due to this its price had come to one lakh rupees. By the way, it is very expensive.

Why is it so expensive?

There are many reasons for it to be expensive. It is said that this herb is also used as a cancer medicine. Also, it is used in different ways in China. In China, the worm herb is seen as a sexual drug, and athletes also use it as a steroid. It remains a source of income for the villagers of the Indian Himalayas. Apart from this, it also has many benefits.

Hard to find, but now in danger

Let us know that after the reduction in the areas with its availability for the past several years by 30 percent, the International Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has put it in the 'Red List'. It is believed that now it is being exploited and effective measures can be taken for its protection soon. It is believed that the availability of wormwood is rapidly decreasing. In the last 15 years, its availability has dropped by 30 percent.

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