Bihar: Politics is doing politics by showing father's name ID card, both leaders are not leaders' sons', BJP MLC's taunt on Tejashwi

Bihar: Politics is doing politics by showing father's name ID card, both leaders are not leaders' sons', BJP MLC's taunt on Tejashwi

BJP MLC Nawal Kishore Yadav said Chirag Paswan ( Cirag Paswan ) and stunning Yadav ( Tejashwi Yadav 's) are ID card showing politics in the name of his father. On the way on the anniversary of Ram Vilas Paswan, the way the closeness between Chirag-Tejashwi was seen and both of them are being discussed together, Naval Kishore Yadav said in Patna that the people of Bihar had to face the ground reality in the assembly elections. Just got it done.

BJP MLC said that these two are sons of the leader, not the leader. Leaders are born in BJP. His (Chirag-Tejashwi) son runs the party. Our leaders run the party here. Here the party is run by dynasty, in our place the party is run by the ideas. There is difference between both. Therefore the son should not be declared a leader. Those who do politics by showing the ID card in the name of Bap Dada cannot compete with the BJP. The way CMs were changed in Gujarat and Uttarakhand. In response to the question, what will be the effect of this in Bihar, he said that Nitish government is doing better work in Bihar, so there is no talk of changing the CM here.

New alliance in Bihar

Chirag Paswan had met all the politicians of Bihar regarding the first anniversary program of father Ram Vilas Paswan. In this episode, he had also reached out to RJD supremo Lalu Yadav to invite him. Along with this, he also met Leader of Opposition Tejashwi Yadav. After which Tejashwi Yadav reached the venue on Sunday evening, during which he hugged Chirag Paswan and supported him. Also asked to be patient.

Referring to the late leader Ram Vilas Paswan, Tejashwi Yadav said that he was a big leader not only of Bihar but of the country. He was very friendly. Rarely do we meet such great men in ages. He said that we are glad that we got the privilege of working with him.

Chirag is the real leader of LJP

Earlier, Lalu Prasad Yadav had said that Chirag is the real leader of LJP. Wherever they stay, they will be with us. Along with this, Lalu Prasad had also said that Tejashwi and Chirag should do politics together. After which the smell of a new alliance has started in Bihar. However, Chirag has not opened his cards yet.

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Gym Trainer Shooting: Khushboo Singh's love was not only with Vikram, Mihir also had his heart, Patna SSP disclosed

Gym Trainer Shooting: Khushboo Singh's love was not only with Vikram, Mihir also had his heart, Patna SSP disclosed

Jim Trainer ( Gym Trainer Shooting ) after Vikram Singh doctor firing case to couple and three contract killer went to the entry of another person. This person is Khushboo Singh's ex boyfriend Mihir. Mihir had set two people through his cousin Suraj to carry out this incident. The planning of the incident was done before August. The deal was fixed for two and a half to three lakh rupees to kill Vikram. Patna SSP Upendra Kumar Sharma has disclosed this matter and told that the doctor's wife Khushboo Singh was the master mind of the conspiracy to eliminate Vikram. She has taken the help of her ex-boyfriend in this planning.

Khushboo and her ex-boyfriend Mihir's friendship is 6 years old. Khushboo clearly told Mihir that he has to get Vikram out of the way. He has bothered me a lot. After which Khushboo gave 1 lakh 85 thousand rupees out of the fixed amount to Mihir. Khushboo gave this money from physiotherapist husband to Mihir. To give this money around Sawan, she went by car with a female friend near St. Michael's School.

Mihir wanted to get out of this mess

Mihir Singh had given the contract to kill Vikram to the contract killer. Mihir had fled to Delhi only after the incident. When his family was under pressure, he returned to Patna on Thursday. He came by flight at 5:20 pm. Police has also arrested Mihir. It also told the same story that the criminals told. Mihir had given money to the criminals two months ago. When once it did not work, Mihir wanted to get out of this mess by returning the money to Khushboo. But, it didn't happen. There was pressure and the incident happened.

Khushboo's two boyfriends also with husband

A total of 1875 calls have been made between Khushboo Singh and Vikram from two mobile numbers from 1st September 2020 to May 2021. About 5.50 lakh seconds have been talked. During this, there have been 13 talks between Dr. Rajiv Kumar Singh and Vikram. When Vikram's talk of Khushboo stops, the very next day Khushboo comes in contact with Mihir again. talks to her. There are total 900 calls between Mihir and Khushboo and 4 lakh seconds of talk happened between them.

A pistol, a country-made pistol, a magazine and a bullet have been recovered from the arrested criminals. A stolen bike was used to carry out the crime. Now two criminals are yet to be arrested in this case.

had given clean chit earlier

The SSP said that in the initial round of investigation of this incident, we had given a clean chit to the doctor and his wife. The police had earlier believed that both these husband and wife could be innocent. Later, so much evidence came to the fore that he was arrested. Now these two are being sent to jail. In the interrogation, he accepts the whole thing, but, denies that he is involved in the crime. Rajeev Kumar Singh and Khushboo Singh were arrested on the basis of the same evidence on Thursday, due to the lack of evidence they were released on 18 September.

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