Abhilipsa Panda is the real singer of 'Har Har Shambhu', not a decree, and has been a champion of karate

Abhilipsa Panda is the real singer of 'Har Har Shambhu', not a decree, and has been a champion of karate

The month of Shravan is considered very important and holy in Hinduism. It is known as the month of Lord Shiva and this is the reason why we saw people worshiping Lord Shiva this month. Grand Kavar Yatras are also organized and these Kavad Yatris, known as Kavadias, come from different parts of India to undertake pilgrimages dedicated to Lord Shiva as well as Haridwar to fetch water from the holy Ganges River. Kavadias visit holy places and always bring speakers with them, and play devotional songs of Lord Shiva wherever they go. Meanwhile, a song named 'Har Har Shambhu' is also going viral on social media.

Farmani Nahi Abhilipsa Panda Hai Har Har Shambhu Original Singer

The song 'Har Har Shambhu' sung by Abhilipsa Panda in Sawan went viral very fast. During Kavad, the song of Abhilipsa Panda was widely appreciated by the people. The original song of Abhilipsa Panda was sung by Farmani Naaz, after which some members of the Muslim community got angry with Farmani. The Maulana issued a fatwa against Farmari because he sang the song of Lord Shankar against Allah. Farmani belongs to the Muslim community and is a divorced woman. Her husband had left her. After the Maulana issued a fatwa, this matter came to the media and the decree became famous overnight. Farmani came to be called the singer of the song Har Har Shabhun Wale, whereas it is not so. Har Shambhu is sung by singers Abhilipsa Panda and Jeetu Sharma.

When the confusion about the singer of the song increased, people started posting about Abhilipsa Panda on social media. Abhilipsa Panda started trending on social media. This was done because the one who sang the original song did not make headlines, but when the song copyist Farmani sang this song, she was in the media. Due to this, many people have shared their displeasure on social media and have also expressed their displeasure towards the media. In the affair of Farmani's controversy, people have told the media about Farmani, the singer of Har Har Shambhu. Abhilipsa Panda is not even named anywhere.

Who is Abhilipsa Panda?

Abhilipsa Panda rose to fame with the song Har Har Shambhu, which also features the voice of singer Jeetu, both of whom sang it so brilliantly that it became popular on every social media platform like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Abhilipsa Devgad in Odisha She is a resident of Tantalbahal village in the Real block of the district. She is the daughter of Ashok Panda, who works as a chief security officer in a private company in Barbil after retiring from the Indian Army. The family lives in Joda. The young and talented singer has cleared her intermediate exam in the science stream this year and is 18-21. He also has a younger sister.

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