If you are troubled by the problem of irregular periods, then these home remedies can come in handy

If you are troubled by the problem of irregular periods, then these home remedies can come in handy

Nowadays the problem of irregular periods has become quite common among girls and women. Generally, the menstrual cycle of women is of 28 to 32 days, which runs at an interval of about the same number of days every month. It is counted from the first day of the period every month. If these cycles last too long or too short, then it is called irregular periods.

Usually this problem occurs due to disturbances of hormones. But experts also consider the reason for this to be stress, obesity, thyroid, PCOD, consumption of birth control pills etc. Due to irregular periods, women may have to face many problems such as pain in the uterus, loss of appetite, pain in breast, stomach, arms and legs and back, excessive fatigue, nausea, vomiting, constipation etc. . The home remedies mentioned here can be effective in the problem of irregular periods.

fennel water

Consumption of fennel produces contractions in the uterus which can be helpful in bringing periods on time. In such a situation, drink fennel water regularly. For this, put fennel in a vessel and boil it with water for 5 to 10 minutes. When this water cools down, filter it and drink it once in a while throughout the day. Apart from this, you can also drink fennel by soaking it in water for overnight and filtering this water in the morning. By doing this continuously for a few days, periods will start becoming regular.

raw papaya

Raw papaya can also be of great use to bring periods on time. If you eat raw papaya mixed with curd, it stimulates estrogen hormone and menstruation starts on time. You can consume it regularly or start eating papaya a few days before your periods. Raw papaya juice is also considered very effective in removing this problem. If raw papaya is not available, then eat ripe papaya.

Coriander seeds

Boil one teaspoon of coriander seeds and cinnamon powder in a cup of water. When it remains half, then filter it and mix sugar candy in it. Drink this water two to three times a day. This also helps in bringing the period on time.

Pineapple is also beneficial

Pineapple is also considered very beneficial for regularizing irregular periods. The bromelain enzyme present in it is helpful in softening the lining of the uterus. It also regulates the period cycle. If it is consumed during periods, then there is a lot of relief in pain, cramps etc.

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If you also think that eating more will improve health, then know these things

If you also think that eating more will improve health, then know these things

The body needs nutrients to stay healthy, whereas people think that eating more can keep a person healthy. Eating right is more important than overeating. You should know what food is good for health and what is harmful.

Many diseases will surround - In
today's era, health is seen by linking it with full food, while this is not true. Some people keep eating something or the other throughout the day but they are not able to stay healthy. This is because they just keep on eating without taking into account the need of the body. They don't know it and they call diseases. There is no harm in eating less and eating more can spoil your health, can worsen the digestive system, can lead to obesity. So try not to overeat.

Keep a little space in the stomach -
you should try to eat less than you need instead of eating more than you need. Eat less and drink more fluids. You should include foods like water, milk and buttermilk in the food. Instead of making the stomach full, a little space should be left in it. If you gorge on the taste of the taste, then you will be upset later. Nowadays, due to snacks, cold drinks and pizza-burgers, hunger is not known and the body becomes a home of diseases. Instead, you should be aware of the nutrients present in the foods and decide your diet accordingly. This will only benefit your health.

Quit laziness and work hard -
Some people keep on eating different types of things throughout the day due to taste. Instead, a definite plan should be made regarding breakfast, meal of the day and dinner in the morning. You can eat lightly in the afternoon, but every time you get food, it is not necessary to make the stomach full. If you keep on filling the stomach, then the digestive capacity of the body will start decreasing. If you keep eating and don't work hard then you will have to face many problems. If someone puts a delicious dish in front, then learn to refuse, otherwise you will be in bad shape.

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