Why do women have hemorrhoids in pregnancy, how can they protect themselves?

Why do women have hemorrhoids in pregnancy, how can they protect themselves?

Due to wrong lifestyle and diet, women have to face some health problem, of which Piles is also one. However, women have the problem of piles mostly in pregnancy. Let us tell you why women have problems with piles and how to get rid of them.

What is Piles or Piles?
Piles are formed in piles by some warts on the inside or outside of the anus. Blood often comes out from these warts and also causes severe pain. Sometimes, these warts come out on exertion.

Why are there pipes in pregnancy?
Increased blood volume
Actually, during this time the amount of blood flowing in the body of women increases. At the same time, the progesterone hormone's high level blood vessel relaxes the wall, causing women to fall prey to piles.

Iron tablets
During this time, the doctors give iron pills to eat and many women may have problems due to eating iron pills.

Bad design
During pregnancy, women suffer from digestion or constipation, which can also cause piles.

During delivery
During delivery to some women, this problem can still occur when you force your baby to give birth.

Drain excess fluid
Piles can also occur due to constipation when the body removes the excess liquid accumulated during pregnancy during a few weeks after birth. However, this is not such a big problem. 

Piles symptoms
Bleeding during bowel movements.
Mucus discharge.
Pain, swelling and burning sensation.
Feeling like frequent urination.
Itching around the hips.

How to avoid the tiles
After the birth of your baby, you get cured or it remains a small problem throughout the year. But this problem can be serious in some women. In such a situation, you must consult a doctor. Also make some changes in your lifestyle - 

Drink 8-10 glasses of water and include juice, coconut water etc. in your diet. Also keep away from things like coffee and cold drinks.
Include plenty of fruits, vegetables, pulses, beans, etc. in your diet and take a diet rich in fiber.
Try to exercise routine. If you want, you can also do light exercise at home.

Whenever you become a pressure, go to the washroom immediately. Waiting can be a problem. Also avoid excessive force during bowel movements or urination.
If the condition of the child in the stomach is correct, then there is no problem of constipation. In such a situation, do not remain standing, sitting or lying down for long. Walking, walking and lying down will be beneficial for you.

Use cumin seeds to cure piles
Add 50 grams of cumin powder and a little salt in 2 liters of buttermilk. Drink it only when you feel thirsty. Apart from this, drinking 1/2 teaspoon cumin powder in 1 glass of water also cures the problem of piles.

Consumption of isobgol relieves irregular and hard stools. By eating this, the stomach gets cleaned easily and there is no pain during excretion.

Soak 100 grams of raisins in water at night and drink it with water in the morning. This will solve the problem of piles.

Aloe vera
After cooling the aloe vera gel in the refrigerator, gently massage it on the piles moles. Massaging daily will relieve piles and its warts.

Basil leaves
Grinding basil leaves with water reduces burning sensation and relieves piles warts.