Hair mask made of things present in the kitchen will bring new life to lifeless hair

Hair mask made of things present in the kitchen will bring new life to lifeless hair

In today's time, there is hardly any woman who does not have any problem related to hair. From hairfall to dandruff, two-faced, dry hair is the cause of most women. She uses many expensive shampoos, conditioners and serums to deal with them, but the result remains the cipher. If you are also troubled by dry and lifeless hair, instead of searching for hair conditioners on the internet, make hair masks from your home and make your hair healthy, thick, soft and shiny.

Banana Alora Mask

If the banana is overcooked and you are going to throw it away, instead of throwing it, make a hair mask . Add a little aloe vera (fresh aloe vera gel) and 1 tablespoon curd to a banana and make a fine paste in the mixer. Add a little coconut / olive oil to it and mix it well and leave it for at least half an hour by applying scalp and hair. After this, you can wash your hair only with cold water or mild shampoo. This will add new life to your lifeless hair.

Gramflour Hair Pack 

You use gram flour on your face, now try applying it on hair too. To make it, soak three tablespoons of black gram overnight and make a paste in the mixer in the morning. Instead of water, add a cup of yogurt and make a paste. Now add one egg and one teaspoon lemon juice and mix well. Apply this pack on scalp and hair and leave it for half an hour. Then wash the hair with mild shampoo.

Potato Hair Mask 

Potato not only needs every kitchen, but it is also an important part of skin care and hair care routine. Applying potato to the hair reduces the problem of hairfall. To make a Potato hair mask, peel and grate a large potato and squeeze out its juice. Add 2 tablespoons aloe vera gel to this juice and mix well. Then massage the scalp with it and wash the hair after two hours.

Henna and Black Tea Hair Pack 

Henna, which is used by a lot of women and is used in almost every household, but do you know that applying it mixed with tea water eliminates many hair problems and makes the hair strong and shiny. To make this pack, soak mehndi in tea water overnight. In the morning mix one egg, 3-4 teaspoons of curd, lemon juice and one tablespoon coconut oil or olive oil. Then let it sit for two hours. After this wash the hair with cold water. You can apply mild shampoo if you want.

Fenugreek hair mask 

Fenugreek is nothing less than a boon for hair. It makes hair stronger. To make this mask, soak a little seeds of fenugreek in water overnight and make a paste in the morning. Remember to grind it finely. Now apply the paste on the hair and scalp and wash the hair with hair mild shampoo for about half an hour. If you wish, you can also wash hair with water only.