Rose water relieves hair problems from dandruff to hair fall

Rose water relieves hair problems from dandruff to hair fall

You use rose water to improve the face and tighten it, but do you know that rose water, which enhances the beauty of your skin , makes hair shiny and silky by eliminating many hair problems. How should rose water be used for beautiful hair? Come, let's know.

Eliminate dandruff

Do you also often suffer from the problem of dandruff and hair loss due to this, then you should definitely use rose water once. Those who try this recipe say that it is the best home remedy to eliminate dandruff. To eliminate dandruff, soak fenugreek seeds in rose water overnight. Make a paste in the morning by grinding and apply this paste on the scalp and keep it for 40-50 minutes. Then wash the hair with a mild shampoo. This will not only eliminate dandruff, but will also make your hair grow faster and it will also appear shiny.

Can be used like oil

According to beauty experts, if you do not want to apply oil to the hair before shampoo, then massage the roots of the hair thoroughly with rose water before sleeping at night. Massage the entire hair along with the root and wash the hair with mild shampoo in the morning. This will make your hair look soft and shiny.

Get rid of oily scalp

Is your scalp too oily? If so, rose water can be very beneficial for you, it cries out the excess oil released from the scalp. Beauty experts control the pH level of the pH scalp present in rose water and help prevent excess oil production. Applying gulab water to the scalp for a few days every day will end your oily hair problem. You can also make a hair mask with rose water to get rid of oily hair . For this, mix 1 teaspoon of honey and half a lemon juice in 3 teaspoons of rose water and shampoo it about one hour after applying this mixture to the hair.

Add new life to lifeless hair

If your hair has turned dry and lifeless and this has caused hair to fall, then try using rose water. Rose water will keep your head cool as well as give full nutrition to the hair and rough hair will become soft. It keeps the hair hydrated so that the hair will not look lifeless.

Hair loss

If your hair is falling too much, apply rose water to the hair half to 2 hours before shampooing. Massage your hair and scalp with the same amount of olive oil in rose water . Then wash the hair with mild shampoo after 1 to 2 hours at your convenience. Only after a few days of use will the difference become visible.