Jhansi gang rape case: The family did not succumb to temptation and pressure, the whole life of 8 accused would be spent in jail

Jhansi gang rape case: The family did not succumb to temptation and pressure, the whole life of 8 accused would be spent in jail

All the eight accused in the Polytechnic gang rape case will now be in jail for the rest of their lives. This incident is on October 11, 2020. Court Additional District and Sessions Judge Nitendra Kumar sentenced the accused to life imprisonment. A fine of Rs 25,000 was also imposed. There was silence as soon as the sentence was pronounced in court, but the expression on the face of the accused student did not change at all. The victim's father is satisfied with the court's decision. He said that his family has not succumbed to temptation and pressure to secure all the daughters of the society.

The decision has come after almost 50 dates in the day-to-day hearing in the Polytechnic gang rape case. Two witnesses were presented on behalf of the defense, but they could not weaken the prosecution. Four defense advocates argued. Appearing for the prosecution, Special Public Prosecutor Vijay Singh Kushwaha said that the court had held all the accused guilty on September 30.

this is the whole incident

The victim student of Polytechnic College told the Sipri Bazar police that on October 11, 2020, at 11 in the morning, she was going to study tuition by scooty. During this, 5 to 6 students stopped near the interest hostel of the Polytechnic College and took him to the hostel while beating him. They had already caught the students going to tuition with him there and were beating him up. They forcibly made the boy take off his pants and made a video. While blackmailing him, snatched one thousand rupees from him and got two thousand rupees transferred from his mobile phone.

rape in the warden's room

One of the accused students took her to the warden's room and raped her. Everyone else stayed downstairs. Meanwhile, when a policeman came out, he saw the boys standing below. Those boys were beating Amarjeet. He ran away as the policeman arrived, then with the help of the policeman he was taken out of the hostel. One of those boys was Bharat, a mechanical student.

These accused got punishment

Rohit Kumar Saini, resident of Kulpahar police station in Mahoba district, Sanjay Kushwaha, resident of village Modari, police station Kulpahar, Bharat Kumar Kushwaha, resident of Chhani Kala, police station Kabrai, Shailendra Nath Pathak, resident of village Pathakpurwa, police station Wazirganj in Gonda district, resident of village Khillawari, police station Tehrauli in Jhansi. Mayank Shivhare, Monu Paraya, a resident of Raunayapura, police station Mauranipur, Dharmendra Sen, a resident of Ranipur, Vipin Tiwari, a resident of Damodarpur, Thana Tharwai in Prayagraj district were sentenced to life imprisonment.

Punishment in these sections including POCSO Act

The court found the charges of the POCSO Act, dacoity, and gang rape against the eight accused in the gang rape case to be true. The court found all the accused guilty under IPC sections 395, 376D, 354, 354A, 354B, 354D, 323, 386, 34, and POCSO Act 5/6 and 9/10 and sentenced them to life imprisonment and 25 thousand fine. The court has acquitted all of them under Section 412 IPC and 67 and 67 (A) of the IT Act.

Arrived in jail through a DNA test

Police got a DNA test done on Rohit Saini, accused of raping the victim girl. The sperm match was done in the report of Lucknow Lab. This confirmed the allegation of rape, then a precedent of the Supreme Court confirmed the case under gang rape due to the presence of the remaining accused at the scene, in which all were found equally guilty.

33 witnesses in the police investigation

33 witnesses were presented in the police investigation, in which 12 witnesses including the victim brought near to life imprisonment. Amarjeet, who went to tuitions with the victim student, also corroborated the whole matter, who himself got injured during the beating. The victim's uncle was the first to reach the spot along with his sister-in-law, and the victim's mother. The victim had first called the mother and informed her about the incident. Chacha's testimony also corroborated the whole case.

Inspector Vikrant Singh is the most important witness

The most important witness was the statement of eyewitness Inspector Vikrant Singh. The victim's life was saved by the arrival of the inspector and the horrific incident could not take place. It was the inspector who pulled the victim out of the balcony, while the main gate of the hostel was locked by the students. Investigator station in-charge Devendra Singh also played a commendable role in presenting witnesses and gathering evidence in the entire case. The report and testimony of Dr. Anita Kundir, a scientist from the Forensic Science Laboratory, Lucknow, and the doctors confirmed the case. In this way, the testimony and evidence in the whole case helped in getting the punishment.

The family did not bow down to temptation and pressure

The victim's father said- 'Satisfied with the punishment, now the criminals will think before misbehaving with a daughter. All the accused getting life imprisonment will send a message to society. Now any criminal with someone's daughter will think many times before committing such an audacity. Her daughter and the entire family fought a long battle for such incidents not to recur in the future. In order to secure all the daughters of the society, her family has not bowed to temptation and pressure.

Remorse did not show on the faces of the students

The accused students, who were disappointed when the charges were proved two days ago, looked different at the time of the verdict. Appearing in the court at around 12.15 hrs after signing the file, while coming back to the barracks, the faces of the accused did not even show a wrinkle or a sense of remorse. The accused reached the barracks from the jail, then the court premises, and then back to the barracks under the tight security of the police. During this, the accused appeared smiling. However, the family members gathered on the court premises looked worried. The family kept moving between the court and the barracks the whole time. The mother of one of the accused kept crying.

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